Formal Education :

SGGT is dedicated to provide the access of Education to the 2557 children from the Slums of Kolkata to the remote tribal villages of West Bengal. We thrive towards Transparency and we aim towards Excellency of in terms of Educational support and infrastructure. Our children from remote tribal villages are ensured to reach with all required support and facilities to the best English Medium School to compete and prove them to the Society

Non Formal Education :

We are running Non formal set ups covering  more than 100 remote villages with our committed volunteers and staff members. We involve the local community for supervising the units. The preparatory stages of the children are taken care of, before enrolling the children in formal school. Each unit comprises of 1 teacher for 30 children. We select the teachers from the same community of the children, who understand and realize the social and economic background of the children while preparing them for the formal schooling. In major cases unemployed educated youth are appointed as teachers, girls are given preference. Our Motto being “For the community, by the community and with the Community”

Government Supported Non formal education :

We are successfully running for past 26 years our Non formal set up covering 25 villages in Canning Dist. South 24 Parganas under Cretch project, supported by State Government of West Bengal as well as Central Government of India.  Our credibility increased with additional aid granted for the projects in the present Financial Year.