Climate Change

The impacts of climate change are being felt all over the world. It is becoming warmer, rainfall is more erratic, the sea level is slowly rising and extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and intense. Prolonged periods of drought, floods and shifting climatic zones are endangering development successes. The poor and marginalized are often most affected by climate variability and change.

India is a large emerging economy with a great variety of geographical regions, biodiversity and natural resources.  However, the country is one of the most vulnerable to climate change risks worldwide. More than half of India’s population of over 1 billion people lives in rural areas and depends on climate-sensitive sectors like agriculture, fisheries and forestry for their livelihoods. Natural resources and the environment are already under pressure as a result of rapid urbanization, industrialization and economic development. Climate change is projected to exacerbate these pressures.

SGGT initiated People’s organization in remote villages providing handholding support on Sustainable agricultural method through Crop diversification, soil conservation.  Similarly, several water saving technologies such as rain water harvesting using small farm reservoirs, drip irrigation, shallow tube wells, and other irrigation development beside plantation and afforestation initiatives.